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Hoodoo aims to introduce the strategic use of domain names to digital marketing and online branding by helping business of all sizes be more easily searched and found online.

The new domain names are a simple, low cost way to accelerate the visibility, discovery and memorability of your site's URL's. Add high-impact URL destinations to your marketing mix that help users find your more intuitively. Discover the new domains.

FAQs: What are the new domains?

How do these names improve search ranking?

When your web address includes a keyword or a descriptive word as the extension, you take advantage of one more critical element used by search engine crawlers to establish relevance in their rankings. Your site will rank higher than a site with similar SEO embedded in links, content and meta-text. A new gTLD gives you distinct search ranking advantage.

How can you use these names in online marketing?

You direct users to different places on your site depending on the need or promotional goals. Why force users to search your site if they know what they want - publish links with YourBusiness.Help, .Services, .Blog or .Contact and your audience will remark on how easy it is to access your business. Use a .News extension when you make a public announcement. Use a .Consultant, .Product, .Buzz, or any number of the new names in blogposts to direct users to a dedicated landing page that provides just what they are looking for.

What happens to my existing domain(s)?

Nothing. You can chose to redirect all of your new names to your existing web address, or specific pages on your site. The new extensions can be used as temporary landing page addresses or as permanent links to specific locations. Or, if you find a new extension that suits you better on a permanent basis, use that announcement to contact your customers and ensure them that if they have your existing site address saved, it has been redirected to the new address but will always take them to the website they know.

How much do the new names cost?

These names are less than the price of a lunch out at your local restaurant. They begin at $10 per year for sharp generics such as .Link, and run up to $60 for higher-end business names such as .Global. Most of the names you will like are within the $30-$40 range. Low enough that you can pick up and try as many as you like.

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