Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are web apps that use service workers, manifests, and other web-platform features in combination with progressive enhancement to give users an experience on par with native apps.

Since a progressive web app is a type of webpage or website known as a web application, they do not require separate bundling or distribution. Developers can just publish the web application online, ensure that it meets baseline “install ability requirements”, and users will be able to add the application to their home screen. Publishing the app to digital distribution systems like Apple App Store or Google Play is optional.

As of 2021, PWA features are supported to varying degrees by Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox for Android, and Microsoft Edge but not by Firefox for desktop.

What technologies are used in PWA?

The progressive web application (PWA), commonly known as a progressive web app, is a type of application software delivered through the web, built using common web technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Assembly.

It is intended to work on any platform that uses a standards-compliant Browser, including both desktop and  mobile devices.

What will be the advantages and disadvantages of PWA?

The design of PWAs is similar to the Native apps design.

  1. PWAs and Native apps have a similar effect on user experience.
  2. Quick and easy to install
  3. PWA has an enhanced performance
  4. PWAs are working everywhere
  5. Update silently
  6. More efficient security
  7. PWAs are a possibility to contribute to the Search Engine Optimization and their content is always featured in the search results.
  8. PWAs require no app distribution platforms
  9. PWA reduces developers’ time for its deployment and the customer’s costs.


  1. Cannot have such access to the device’s features as Native Apps have.

What Does a mobile app built on PWA look like? 

Depending on app type and domain the PWA allows to build amazing mobile apps including Money Transfer Software, Airtime Topup Software etc.



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